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The importance of metaphors in hypnosis:

Suggestions and metaphors are the backbones of hypnosis. People are more receptive to suggestions and metaphors under trance. The role of suggestions is pretty straight forward but why do metaphors have such a crucial role?

To enhance the self esteem for a client under hypnosis, you may either directly make suggestions or metaphorically discuss about an old strong tree, overcoming wind and poor whether.

Metaphor is a hot topic not only in literature but also in linguistics, philosophy and hypnosis. The metaphors are created in a language when the meaning is touching the limitations of that language. When the words fail to describe the meaning, we create metaphors.

In hypnosis, metaphor is a strong platform when the subject is resisting specially subconsciously, or the topic is too sensitive for the client, for instance when you want to manage an erectile dysfunction in a man who is sensitive to the issue.

The more important role of metaphor is the fact that, we have the tendency to be more receptive when someone talks to somebody else rather than to us directly. The metaphor creates such a third party virtually and makes the dialogue stronger.