How hypnotherapy can help professionals who are experiencing “compassionate fatigue”…

Companionate fatigue which is also called “STS “or “Secondary Traumatic Stress” is very common among health care professionals or even non-health care professionals like lawyers. It can lead to anxiety disorders, depression or even suicides in extreme cases.

The therapists and care givers absorb the stresses and negativity of the situation over time and it can be very insidious. Sometime the care giver is not necessarily a health care professional and is providing a family member with some degree of personal car. It makes the care giver more vulnerable against STS due to lack of appropriate training and support mechanisms provided by organizations and businesses routinely.

Hypnosis (particularly self hypnosis) is a strong platform to overcome or at least mitigate the consequences of compassionate fatigue. It also enhances the performance of the health care professional or the care giver by reducing the stress.

The key point to succeed in applying self hypnosis for STS, is firstly proper training by a qualified hypnotherapist and secondly the dedication to conduct daily self hypnosis.

The technique I usually use for compassionate fatigue is a metaphor illustration “taking a shower”.

In deep hypnosis, the health care professional or care giver imagines, he or she is taking a shower and washing out all the secondary stresses down to the bath tub drain. If the picture in the mind was resistant, I would suggest applying Neuro Linguistic Techniques. The subjects can change the color of the picture in their mind and make it smaller or larger and watch how it affects their feeling about the stressor.